You Deserve New Kitchen Flooring in Rhode Island

It’s Time for New Kitchen Flooring in Rhode Island

New kitchen flooring in a Rhode Island home adds both value and style! Today’s flooring options are durable and easy to clean and come in a wide range of materials, color tones, and styles. You’re sure to find an option that fits your needs and budget!

Replacing your current kitchen floors with new ceramic, vinyl, or laminate improves the appearance of the space instantly while providing added traction and safety underfoot. Removing old and worn floor tiles, brittle grout, and aged caulk also means less risk of water damage to the home’s subflooring.

New kitchen floors are also more affordable than you might expect, allowing you to enjoy upscale hardwood, slate, and even marble without breaking the bank! Solid stone, quality laminate, and ceramic tile can also last for years if not decades before needing replacing.

To find out more about new kitchen tile and other flooring options, call the crew here at Rhode Island Kitchen Remodeling. We’ll schedule a FREE design consultation and price quote, and work with you to choose an option you’re sure to love.

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After the installation of new kitchen flooring in Rhode Island.
Hardwood kitchen flooring in a Rhode Island home.

You Deserve New Kitchen Flooring in Rhode Island

If you’ve been putting off new kitchen flooring for a Rhode Island home, now is the time to call! New floors offer an updated look and can make a kitchen seem brighter and cleaner. Homeowners often don’t even realize how dingy and dull their current floors are until they have them replaced with a stylish new material.

New floors are also an excellent investment as part of your kitchen remodel if you find yourself spending far too much time cleaning the kitchen! Dense ceramic tile, quality laminate, and solid stone floors resist dirt, dust, and other debris, reducing your cleaning time and ensuring a safe, hygienic surface.

Updated flooring is also vital if the current tile or other materials are chipped or worn, or if they’ve come loose from the subflooring. Damaged flooring actually presents a tripping hazard and can allow water to seep through to the home’s framing materials, risking wood rot and mold.

To find out more about the benefits of updated kitchen flooring in Rhode Island, call our design crew today!

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Why We’re Your #1 Choice for Stunning Rhode Island Kitchen Flooring

Never leave your Rhode Island kitchen flooring installation to just anyone! General contractors might lack the experience, skill, and expertise needed to ensure quality flooring installations. Low-quality installation can risk the need for premature repairs or even full replacement!

The design crew here at Rhode Island Kitchen Remodeling is also happy to help you choose the right tile or stone flooring for your home, ensuring a cohesive look and affordable price. Our team’s expertise ensures a new floor you’ll love for years to come!

To get started with your new kitchen flooring installation, call us here at Rhode Island Kitchen Remodeling. We’ll set up a convenient, no-cost consultation, and help you decide the right tile or other flooring option for your home’s kitchen space.

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A contractor installing new kitchen flooring.


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"The crew at Rhode Island Kitchen Remodeling absolutely exceeded every expectation. We love our new kitchen. Thank you so much!"
- Ginny Albertson

Check Out All Our Flooring Options for Your Home!

Here at Rhode Island Kitchen Remodeling, we carry a full line of high-quality, durable flooring materials, sure to fit your style and budget. Call today to find out more!

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

Traditional vinyl flooring is durable and easy to clean. Today’s vinyl options also offer a wide range of color tones and patterns, sure to fit your home’s décor and your budget. To browse our catalog, just give us a call!

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen hardwood flooring provides a classic look that fits virtually every home style, from rustic to modern and everything in between. If you love the look of elegant hardwood floors, call today for your free design consultation.

Kitchen Floor Installation

Expert kitchen floor installation ensures a durable surface underfoot and tiles or planks that last for years. Here at Rhode Island Kitchen Remodeling, we back every floor installation project with a full guarantee you can trust!

Ceramic Tile Floor

A ceramic tile kitchen floor ensures a dense, hygienic surface in your space and a classic look and texture you’ll love. Ceramics are watertight and easy to clean, with natural color tones that enhance any space. To find out more, call our crew today!

Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Laminate kitchen flooring is an excellent choice if you need especially durable flooring in your home. Laminated floors mimic wood, stone, tile, and other materials, offering a wide range of options from which to choose, all at very affordable prices!

Kitchen Floor Replacement

For homes with damaged subflooring or other such issues, call us about full kitchen floor replacement. We can replace worn floorboards and address structural issues, and then install a beautiful new flooring material you’ll love.

Marble Kitchen Flooring

Marble flooring for kitchens is an elegant, upscale choice that works well in any home. The material is also very dense and durable, and easy to clean. To find out more about this high-quality stone for your kitchen space, call our team today.

Slate Kitchen Floors

Slate kitchen floors provide a stunning natural appeal that many homeowners love. It comes in a wide variety of color tones and shades, and is also easy to clean. If you’re ready for added style in your home, call us today about slate flooring!

Linoleum Flooring

Made with natural linseed oil, linoleum kitchen flooring provides a slight sheen to your space, creating a welcoming and airy look. Today’s linoleum tiles are also more durable than ever before, resisting scratches and other damage easily.

You Deserve a Stunning Kitchen Remodel in Rhode Island!

Rhode Island Kitchen Remodeling offers exquisite, affordable kitchen remodeling, providing stylish finishes and accessible storage. To get started with your FREE consultation, contact us today! Call us at (401) 200-3559
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